Monday, December 5, 2016


Well hi there! I'd really hate to go an entire year without blogging at all. It just doesn't seem right. I did blog once this year, but to be honest, the events I blogged about happened in 2015. So, here goes something! 2016 has been my favorite year in Fargo thus far...well 2005 was pretty great too, but yeah, 2016 was right up there.
In January 2016, I made a New Year's resolution to quit complaining about the cold weather. I think I did pretty well...maybe not "pretty well," but I complained a lot less than I would've otherwise. (And I saved the complaining for the people closest to me.) Progress, not perfection. My resolution didn't say a thing about the wind, so that's been fair game (and maybe worth adding in for 2017?) That wind, though!
I bought myself new ice skates to celebrate winter instead of hate it. It worked! Anderson & I put quite a few miles on our skates - it was just perfect.
I also took a few crafty classes. Erin & I took a ceramics class (so difficult) and Amanda & I made leather wallets and copper tables. I went to so many hockey games, a dance recital or two and practiced the art of making Maddie giggle and putting Baby Dani to sleep. I went to Austin for a library conference, to Minneapolis for a lathe and some shopping, to Duluth for the most extreme mountain biking and the best s'mores and to Denver for the hugs and the topography.
2016 also included some rough goodbyes! We said goodbye to my running partner, cuddle buddy, eternal BFF and Dad's shadow, my sweet little Oliver. I can't even think about that, so let's quickly move on.
I bought a house! It's nicer than anything I could've imagined for myself. I can't decide if my favorite part is the thermostat, the garage or the big back yard. Why choose?
This year has left me so thankful and there's no better way to enter 2017 if you ask me!