Friday, October 30, 2015

photo update!

 For the sake of posting at least every season, let me do a little fall update.
Our little author, Katherine, pre-published her newest book, Inside You. A Man Called Ove wasn't the only book that made me a little teary this fall!
"Sad is when someone hurt your feelings or you miss someone or you just get hurt." Ugh, ain't that the truth.

Sticking with the sad theme, exhibit A. You may be surprised to hear that using a steak knife to open a mini bottle of Bailey's could send you to the emergency room. Oh, you're not surprised to hear that? I wasn't either.

I finally got to see Joe play football!


Matching top knots!

^ Oh how I have missed my running partners, RJ & Loren. They are too far away, so he's the next best dude. ^ 
Below is a pic from Stump Lake's Threshing Bee.

And lastly, I will never not post a picture of Oliver resting his head on something. This something happens to be my leg.

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