Monday, August 11, 2014

Northwood Trip!

Last week, I took a little trip back to North Dakota. My trip happened to coincide with Northwood's Old Fashioned Saturday night, so I got to see quite a few high school classmates as well as my family! Speaking of my family, here they are!

When I was younger, I was extremely obsessed with kittens. I used to take rolls and rolls of photos of strictly cats with a few dog photos sprinkled in. Well, as the years have gone by, I thought I was over cats and just obsessed with my dog, but my photos proved otherwise! I just couldn't get over how cute & playful they all were. I managed to sneak in a few photos of actual people, so enjoy!

Love these wide open spaces!

Joey's hockey game!


  1. Seeing Oliver makes me instantly smile... and seeing your pretty yellow dress does too!

  2. I want a taco in a bag now more than I have in 28.9 years! And a kitten. And a dress with kitties in space. And a hay bale. And a curly haired baby playing with a doggie. And a game of bowling. And a pretty yellow dress. And a pretty face like my Mary.

    But mostly a taco in a bag.