Friday, July 11, 2014

Fun Times with Kari: Early July Edition

I had a fun little 4th of July at Kari's place up in the mountains! We had the *best* meal, I got to shoot a potato canon and we made s'mores. What else could you want?
Here's a little clip of the action! No matter how hard I tried not to, I screamed every single time!

 I got 2 free Rockies tickets for doing a the Rockies 5k for the Homeless a few months ago. It rained & sleeted during the run and it was just all around miserable! The silver lining of that race was the super fun time we had at the baseball game.
And we were even on the jumbotron! I'm adding that to my bucket list, so I can cross it off!

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  1. I love the theme of 4th of July posts and videos with Mary screaming! _enter hyperlink of Mary and Marie going to Rockies game here_

    I think I am your Blog's #1 Fan! This all looks so fun!!!!