Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Things I made: Winter Edition


I thought I'd share some of things I've worked on during this cold, cold winter!
Let's start at the top left: I painted curtains. (never do this). I tried to explain this project to someone at Ace and he gave me oil paint, which was the worst thing ever in every way. Let me repeat, never do this.
Next up is my painted canvas. I used vinyl letters and an existing canvas I had to make a little affirmation for the day.
Top right is some granny square slippers. These were part of Karley's Christmas gift!
Middle left: a baby blanket for a little Rhode Island baby girl to be born this month.
Middle right...Math is not my strong suit. This was supposed to be the baby blanket, but having only one color left after the green, and realizing it was so, so wrong, I decided to make it an adult-sized blanket.
Bottom left: an iPad case for Kari. It was fun to sew again and I just so happen to have an iPad that needs a case as well.
Next is some football cake balls - blueberry flavored in honor of the Broncos.
And lastly is a little Bianchi-inspired afghan for baby Gideon! He even wrapped himself up in it as the hospital! His little fingers poked out of the squares, which was the sweetest thing!

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  1. ><<><>>< xonehundredthousandkabillion. The football cake pops I do believe to be my favorite! I bet Gideon would love them, too.