Tuesday, October 15, 2013

the weekend

This weekend was a fun one! On Friday night, the lovely Jaime turned 3-0 and her husband threw her the sweetest surprise party at Cana. The biggest surprise was Beth & Hunter, who tricked Jaime into thinking they wouldn't be in Denver until this week. I'm the worst secret-keeper, so I know I wouldn't have been able to swing that!

The house I'm currently living in is selling, and there have been endless showings & open houses, which means that Oliver & I have to make ourselves scarce. There are only so many things you can do around town with a dog, so mostly, we've been walking...and walking...and some running too when we feel really crazy.
On Saturday, we had to be out from 7am-7pm, and Nicole saved the day by inviting us over!
Wyatt & Oliver were so cute together! Wyatt made Oliver watch him play on the playground and even wanted him to put on his shoe. And feeding a dog a taco was just about the funniest thing Wyatt had done all day. It was pretty adorable. Oliver slept for 12 solid hours once we got home, so it was a win-win!
Nicole & I got to catch up, do some craft brainstorming & even a little shopping!

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  1. The bottom right is my favorite! Wyatt's like "what."