Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mary + Beth in Bremerton!

I had an extremely rainy & wonderful trip to Bremerton, WA! Our plans to kayak, hike, run (and basically anything else) had to be canceled due to the extreme weather. We spent the weekend eating, drinking, laughing, crocheting and staying warm & cozy under blankets.
We were determined to not let the weather change every single plan we had, so we went to the Rodeo drive in movie theater despite the rain! Another highlight of the trip was brunch at the Port Gamble Cafe - I'm still thinking about my salmon egg benedict and of course, mimosas!
A picture is worth a thousand words, so here you go!


  1. I look SOOOOOOO normal whilst trying to not try and hit myself in the face. BETH CHEER NO NOT YET IT'S NOT ON. Oh my Mary, what would I do without you?! Seriously. I wouldn't be so cuddly and happy in the pouring rain, that's what. ILY

  2. Ohhhhh this looks like the most perfect visit - rain, blankets, movies, cute galoshes... I mean how could is possible be any better!!