Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Aspen - Maroon Bells Camping

Last weekend, Adam, Loren, Rich & I went camping up in Aspen with a day trip to the famous Maroon Bells! The views were out of this world & the company was pretty great too!
I've been waiting to camp in Colorado for years and my first trip didn't dissapoint!

^group shot @ our campsite^
 ^our hike to crater lake^
^our rainy happy hour^

^a little p10! oliver was on-guard, as always. he did not love the sound of kids laughing^

 ^our sweet little camping dogs...forever tangled around the picnic table and each other^
^phase 10^

^of course, s'mores!^

 ^all tired out from a fun weekend^
^more views from our campsite at mollie b^

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  1. He didn't like the sound of kids laughing. L O L. That could go on a tombstone. "Loves running. Hates children laughing." Oh Oli I miss that little face! It looks like you guys had a b-l-a-s-t! You seriously need to frame that first photo. It's amaze. You are amaze.