Monday, August 12, 2013

the weekend

Oliver & I had a rough week, which included a scary & expensive little trip to the emergency vet followed by much cuddling in bed watching bad reality tv. I used the weekend as our chance to get outside as much as possible and get some fresh air!
Saturday, I did a hike in Golden. Two massive elk ran right in front of me and we made eye contact for a little too long, but they ran off, thank goodness!
Saturday evening was so pretty, so I took another walk around the neighborhood. I also used that opportunity to finish an audiobook version of Tell the Wolves I'm Home. I couldn't stop walking until the book was over, so I ended up getting 25,000 steps on Saturday! A new record for me! It's now Monday morning & I am in some pain and walking a little slower than usual, so I probably won't make that a habit. Ha!
Sunday, I met Kari & Rich in Conifer at the Meyer's Ranch Park. Rich was dogsitting the dogs shown below and Kari took the leash of the strongest one, so our hike was brisk to put it lightly! Oliver cannot stand to be last in the pack, so we of course had to keep up!

And yes, he did climb to the top of those rocks! Eeek!

Afterwards, Rich generously gave my bike, Mario, a little makeover! New cables, new grip tape and new brakes! I'm officially ready to ride! I got a few lessons on bike repair, so I'm basically a mechanic now!




  1. Hike me!

    Ok that one could actually be too literal.

  2. I love your hiking photos! And you look aammmaazzinnggg. And whenever I see pics of you, I get slightly depressed I let me bangs grow out. They look so stinkin cute on you!