Monday, August 5, 2013

Summit Lake - Mount Evans Hike!

On Sunday, Loren, Adam & I conquered the hike from Summit Lake to the top of Mt. Evans! We took the Northeast route, which was a 1,475 foot gain up to the top - 14,264 feet! You can read more about our route here. Everyone asked us why we didn't take the easy route, but I guess we're just hard-core or something!
To say it was difficult is an understatment! Even compared to my 14er hike of Mt Democrat last summer, this was rough. The views were so incredible, which made it worth it (mostly).
The climb started at the road and went straight up. In the pictures you can see how very tiny the road starts to look and how tiny people look! It was so deceiving for us. We would think we were close to the top, but seeing people actually at the top looking like dolls was a little discouraging! One of us was always positive and encouraging the whole time, so I think that helped us succeed!
There I am! So close to the top! The top, in this picture, being the parking lot. Many people drive up the Mount Evans road and from the parking lot, there's a much easier trail up to the actual summit.
I cracked myself up because I was dying by the top of this section and as people were posing for pretty pictures (see the girl in the yellow), I was crawling up the rocks on all fours, gasping for breath, like something from a horror movie. Hopefully I didn't end up in the background of someone's photo!
And then...We made it!!


Here's a picture from the top! And look how very tiny the vehicles look. There's the Jeep...somewhere down there.

And a few bonus videos!

On the way home, we stopped in Idaho Springs at Two Brothers Deli. I've never devoured a sandwich with such fury!
I'm so proud of us, but I'm also so glad that it's over!

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