Monday, August 5, 2013

Sparkle Party Prep Saturday!

Saturday, Kari came over for a marathon craft day! My sparkle party is in a few weeks and we needed to get everything to sparkle. Kari's brother, Rich, came over - intially to take a look at my bike, but somehow we tricked him into being our spray-paint person.
We ordered lunch from a place in my neighborhood I've been wanting to try, US Thai Cafe. It was good, but not quite great. 
We also did some menu tasting...which may have involved m&m's and popcorn. It took awhile to remove the glitter from literally every surface (especially our faces), but it was a super fun & productive craft day!

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  1. I am getting so excited. However, I am still unsure what to wear. Any suggestions on where I can get an awesome sparkle dress or something?!?!