Thursday, August 29, 2013

30th Sparkle Party: Part 1

Ahhh! I'm 30!
Ever since I saw this post, I've been looking for an excuse to have a Sparkle Party! What better time than a 30th birthday party! We wrote on the invite that everyone must be wearing glitter, sequins and/or sparkle! I know some of my friends well enough, so I provided sequin bowties & glitter top hats.
The amazing Kari helped me above and beyond (she is SO amazing!) She came over before noon and we worked on making everything sprarkle, right up until our first guest arrived! I made her listen to "The Twist" Pandora station and not only did she tolerate it, but she did the twist with me all afternoon! She is definitely one-of-a-kind!
Our extreme day of crafting paid off and the whole house SPARKLED!
Kari made some of the yummiest snacks!
We had lots of glittery desserts, a popcorn bar (YUM) and Loren made vodka-soaked gummy bears.
I also tried to re-create this glitter cocktail with a little bit of success. 
We set up a mini photo booth along one of the walls. Look how beautiful & sparkly my friends are!

It was really pretty great to surrounded by so many amazing friends (and so much glitter)!
I'm a lucky, lucky girl!

Towards the end of the night, we started to hear fireworks, so we all made our way to the backyard. What a perfect sparkle coincidence! I LOVED it! Oliver....did not. He ran a few hundred laps of anger and really wore himself out!
And one of the last photos of the night, from Jaime. This little pooped sparkle dog!

I have this sneaking suspicion that 30 is going to be my best year!

P.S. I borrowed/stole pictures from just about everyone, so sorry, and thank you! ;)

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