Thursday, August 29, 2013

30th Sparkle Party: Part 2

 About halfway through the night, my friend Peggy, sneakily lured me into the backyard for a few minutes. When we went back inside, the gentleman pictured below began to sing!
I was SO surprised and confused all around. Imagine my shock when Kari whispered that ROEY was behind all this! Talk about sneaky!
You can see him in action in a few videos! And no, that is not a stripper, that would be RJ!
I told him that my sister thought he was a stripper, and he took that as the ultimate compliment. Ha!


Thanks Roey! You really got me!

30th Sparkle Party: Part 1

Ahhh! I'm 30!
Ever since I saw this post, I've been looking for an excuse to have a Sparkle Party! What better time than a 30th birthday party! We wrote on the invite that everyone must be wearing glitter, sequins and/or sparkle! I know some of my friends well enough, so I provided sequin bowties & glitter top hats.
The amazing Kari helped me above and beyond (she is SO amazing!) She came over before noon and we worked on making everything sprarkle, right up until our first guest arrived! I made her listen to "The Twist" Pandora station and not only did she tolerate it, but she did the twist with me all afternoon! She is definitely one-of-a-kind!
Our extreme day of crafting paid off and the whole house SPARKLED!
Kari made some of the yummiest snacks!
We had lots of glittery desserts, a popcorn bar (YUM) and Loren made vodka-soaked gummy bears.
I also tried to re-create this glitter cocktail with a little bit of success. 
We set up a mini photo booth along one of the walls. Look how beautiful & sparkly my friends are!

It was really pretty great to surrounded by so many amazing friends (and so much glitter)!
I'm a lucky, lucky girl!

Towards the end of the night, we started to hear fireworks, so we all made our way to the backyard. What a perfect sparkle coincidence! I LOVED it! Oliver....did not. He ran a few hundred laps of anger and really wore himself out!
And one of the last photos of the night, from Jaime. This little pooped sparkle dog!

I have this sneaking suspicion that 30 is going to be my best year!

P.S. I borrowed/stole pictures from just about everyone, so sorry, and thank you! ;)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013



 On Saturday morning, Loren, RJ, Oliver & I ran the Runapalooza 5k in Arvada!
I would normally never have (or want) so many photos from one race, but RJ's wife was there to take a bunch, plus there was a photographer snapping away....and Oliver was just being so adorable! 

Oliver was basically in heaven all morning! He'd lay out on the pavement in attempts to get his belly rubbed, which actually worked for him, so when I tried to put the medal on him, he went down.
He definitely wasn't as exhausted as he looks in the upper left picture!
Beth will just die over this story, because I've told one too many stories about Oliver carrying around bagels, but I gave him a chunk of my bagel and he buried it under some rocks. When he saw Loren spying on him, he hid it under some different rocks. He definitely has an issue about eating bagels in front of people! Ha!


Anyway, we all had a great race!
My next race is the Foam Fest next month and Loren's motivating us all to do the Fa La La 10k, which I think is a great idea!




Thursday, August 15, 2013


My favorite, favorite author, David Sedaris, is coming to the big screen - or at least a screen adaptation of his essay by the same name (in the book Naked)! Count me in!

Monday, August 12, 2013

the weekend

Oliver & I had a rough week, which included a scary & expensive little trip to the emergency vet followed by much cuddling in bed watching bad reality tv. I used the weekend as our chance to get outside as much as possible and get some fresh air!
Saturday, I did a hike in Golden. Two massive elk ran right in front of me and we made eye contact for a little too long, but they ran off, thank goodness!
Saturday evening was so pretty, so I took another walk around the neighborhood. I also used that opportunity to finish an audiobook version of Tell the Wolves I'm Home. I couldn't stop walking until the book was over, so I ended up getting 25,000 steps on Saturday! A new record for me! It's now Monday morning & I am in some pain and walking a little slower than usual, so I probably won't make that a habit. Ha!
Sunday, I met Kari & Rich in Conifer at the Meyer's Ranch Park. Rich was dogsitting the dogs shown below and Kari took the leash of the strongest one, so our hike was brisk to put it lightly! Oliver cannot stand to be last in the pack, so we of course had to keep up!

And yes, he did climb to the top of those rocks! Eeek!

Afterwards, Rich generously gave my bike, Mario, a little makeover! New cables, new grip tape and new brakes! I'm officially ready to ride! I got a few lessons on bike repair, so I'm basically a mechanic now!



Friday, August 9, 2013


Lucky little Marie won an amazing giveway on Jaime's blog, South on Broadway, last week! Two Cirque du Soleil tickets to the show Amaluna! I am a die-hard Cirque fan, so I was more than excited when Marie generously offered me the 2nd ticket. YES!
My first show was Mystere in Las Vegas to celebrate my 21st birthday with Roey and I've been hooked ever since. I've seen Delirium in Grand Forks (the same weekend I bought my VW Jetta and I accidentally drove over 90 mph because I didn't know what it was like to drive a new car). Then there was Alegria with Steve & Nicole a few years ago here in Denver, and most recently, La Nouba in DisneyWorld with Roey, Joey & Dad.
Back to last night...Marie & I met at the Tattered Cover and ran, in the pouring rain, over to Rio Grande for dinner. They're known for their amazing, and strong, margaritas, so Marie & I started the night off right! I ordered the smoked chicken tacos and they were so so good! Second only to Pinche Tacos. Then we made our way over to the big tent just in time for the show. It did not disappoint! My favorite acts were the teeterboard & definitely the chinese pole. We were both in total awe!
Thanks Jaime & Marie!


Thursday, August 8, 2013

FaceTime with Little Madeline!

 This weekend I got some to do a little video chatting with Madeline & Roey! She's gotten so big since our first Skype session in May; however, she's still giving me that same raised eyebrow/mouth open look. Based on my face, I can't really blame her!


Monday, August 5, 2013

Summit Lake - Mount Evans Hike!

On Sunday, Loren, Adam & I conquered the hike from Summit Lake to the top of Mt. Evans! We took the Northeast route, which was a 1,475 foot gain up to the top - 14,264 feet! You can read more about our route here. Everyone asked us why we didn't take the easy route, but I guess we're just hard-core or something!
To say it was difficult is an understatment! Even compared to my 14er hike of Mt Democrat last summer, this was rough. The views were so incredible, which made it worth it (mostly).
The climb started at the road and went straight up. In the pictures you can see how very tiny the road starts to look and how tiny people look! It was so deceiving for us. We would think we were close to the top, but seeing people actually at the top looking like dolls was a little discouraging! One of us was always positive and encouraging the whole time, so I think that helped us succeed!
There I am! So close to the top! The top, in this picture, being the parking lot. Many people drive up the Mount Evans road and from the parking lot, there's a much easier trail up to the actual summit.
I cracked myself up because I was dying by the top of this section and as people were posing for pretty pictures (see the girl in the yellow), I was crawling up the rocks on all fours, gasping for breath, like something from a horror movie. Hopefully I didn't end up in the background of someone's photo!
And then...We made it!!


Here's a picture from the top! And look how very tiny the vehicles look. There's the Jeep...somewhere down there.

And a few bonus videos!

On the way home, we stopped in Idaho Springs at Two Brothers Deli. I've never devoured a sandwich with such fury!
I'm so proud of us, but I'm also so glad that it's over!

Sparkle Party Prep Saturday!

Saturday, Kari came over for a marathon craft day! My sparkle party is in a few weeks and we needed to get everything to sparkle. Kari's brother, Rich, came over - intially to take a look at my bike, but somehow we tricked him into being our spray-paint person.
We ordered lunch from a place in my neighborhood I've been wanting to try, US Thai Cafe. It was good, but not quite great. 
We also did some menu tasting...which may have involved m&m's and popcorn. It took awhile to remove the glitter from literally every surface (especially our faces), but it was a super fun & productive craft day!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Mixing it Up!

 Lately I've been getting pretty bored with morning walks + 5K training after work. It was time to mix things up! (Although, it's hard to really get bored with morning walks when you catch an amazing sunrise now and again!)
This week I made my best effort to mix things up!
This week RJ & I substituted our running for biking! I brought my little single speed cruiser to campus, ready for a leisurely ride, but of course RJ went all out - gloves and all.
He kept his bike in a pretty tough gear and we had a really great ride! We road to Wash Park and made a few laps before heading back. Yesterday, we recruited two more coworkers/friends and went on a longer ride. I did discover, however, that I need a bigger helmet. I have the "Olson head," which is not small by any means. I don't know why I thought a women's regular-sized helmet would fit, but hey.

I also took the BodyPump class at my gym twice this week. I've taken it a few times before, but now I'd really like to stick to a schedule and go regularly. Last time I took it, I was living with Marie and I think I pulled both of my bicep muscles, so I tied scarves like slings, because I couldn't straighten my arms.
I've learned since then and I have full function of my arms this time around!
I was at Wal-Mart this week and saw these wild workout pants for under $10. I have been known to tell Beth stories via text, but then get lazy, and leave out big and important parts of the story, leaving her scratching her with that being said, I text Beth this picture because I couldn't decide if I thought these were hideous or cute; however, I failed to mention that they were for working out....not work. Beth humored me mostly - I can't imagine what she was thinking - but once she caught on that I wouldn't wear these to work, everything made sense. I ended up buying them. I still am undecided if they're ugly, but I think I like them and they definitely fit my "mixing it up" criteria.
I know too little about bikes to buy one on my own, but with the help of a few bike experts - Karley, Rich & RJ, I think I made a good buy yesterday! I've been wanting something with gears for awhile, but just never made the leap.
I found this used Schwinn on Craigslist and RJ went with me to look at it. It's in really good condition and the price was righter than right. RJ was able to talk her down, which is just something I cannot do! Rich is going to fix up the brakes for me and I'll be ready to kick up those bike rides.
The previous owner named it Mario and I think he'll have to stay a Mario!