Monday, July 22, 2013

Roey's BDAY & the weekend

This weekend was Roey's birthday! Sadly, I didn't get to celebrate with her, but we made sure to have a little celebration in her honor.
That massive white dog making fun of Oliver's hat is Jake. Haha
Happy Birthday ROEY!
In the process of moving, I set a few things aside to sell in a joint garage sale at Loren & Adam's house.
I really didn't have as much as I thought to sell, so I ended up making about $13 total. That's almost exactly what Karley & I made at our sale in college. We had a fun weekend of catching up and making summer plans!
My roommate's parents were helping remove the tree from the backyard, and they brought over their sweet & very large dog, Jake. I was making dinner and they were all so attentive to my every move. I'm not used to dogs actually being able to reach things on counters, but luckily they're so sweet and well-behaved.


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