Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July 4th Weekend!

On July 4th, RJ & I ran our 2nd 5k race together. This one was the Independence Day 5k in Highlands Ranch. It was open to dogs and I wasn't planning on bringing Oliver, but RJ, the non dog-lover, convinced me!
Oliver inspired so many runners along the way with his short, short legs! He was pretty proud to pass a black lab towards the end of the race, I could just tell.
RJ was speaking to him in Spanish & he earned the name "Aceituna," which is "olive" in spanish.
It had a lot more hills than any course I've ran and it was pretty hot, but I cut almost 4 minutes off my time since the Cherry Creek Sneak. We're already planning our next race at the end of this month.

On Saturday, Nicole & I continued are Cherry Creek Arts Festival tradition! I think it might be our 4th year and maybe the best one yet (Here's 2009 & 2011)! To try avoid overheating, we went right away in the morning and finished up right in time for lunch....always the tacos!

On Sunday, Oli & I hiked Lookout Mountain. After reading Wild, I'm more than a little apprehensive about hiking anywhere new, so we stuck to an old favorite. The view never gets old.

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