Monday, July 15, 2013

Backyard Hike with Kari

Yesterday, I drove to Kari's house in Bailey, CO for what I thought would be a light, little hike. We left right from her front yard and followed what she called a trail, although I think she used that term loosely!
It turned out to be one of the best hikes I've been on...and probably the most calorie-burning as well. We made our own paths, went up, down and around the mountains, climbed over and under fences and got a little lost, but ultimately ended up back on Ridge Road about seven miles later.
We were lost in the middle of someone's land and Oliver found some bones that belonged to a deer or elk. When I started to freak out that this could be this start of a horror movie and whose land were we actually walking though, Kari said, "Don't worry, the mountain lions killed whatever that was and cleaned the bones." I think she was trying to make me feel better, but I definitely picked up the pace and didn't look back!
I just could not get over the gorgeous views and the best part was the dogs were off-leash the entire time!

And here's a tiny video for good measure!