Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Olson-Summerfield Book Club Update!

 The Olson-Summerfield book club has been the most fun Beth & I have had while living 1,367 miles apart! We started the end of May, and within 30 days, we had finished & discussed 4 books! That has got to be a book club record of some kind!
This weekend, we started book 5, Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk and Beth made the highly anticipated announcement for book 6! Okay, yes I slept through the middle of the first book, but since then, it's been a real fun time! At this rate, I better pick my next book!

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  1. Slept through, schment through. You barely missed anything! So quick question; Billy works at the Gap, right? And he has a bunch of vacation he's using up? And is Cowboy's #1 fan? jkjkjkjk