Friday, May 24, 2013

Walk, walk, walk

We are walking fools over here! One of my most favorite things these days is morning walks...I'm usually close to the park when the music pauses and I know my phone is about to ring and it will be Karley Ann! So from around 6am - 7am, we both walk and talk and it is perfect! Without Oliver, Karley's phone calls arrived while I was sound asleep, and some days I just could not muster the energy to answer, but these days, it's pleasant for us both!
I've been getting so bored with workout-type music - I have album upon album of great music to relax and work to, but being active...that's a different story! I recently started listening to my audiobooks, which makes me feel so productive!
In an effort to mix up the walks and not have to go for miles & miles, I had Oliver wear a tiny backpack. I put a can of tomatoes in each pocket and we took it for a test run. It didn't exactly fit quite right, but with a few adjustments, I think it'll do the job of tiring him out!

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  1. What did you two cuties do when you lived together? You still called each other from a room away didn't you? You two are my favorite (and my worst nightmare. I can't imagine what I would say or sound like if my phone rang at 6am) but ultimately my favorite! I can't wait to read along with you! I'm hoping you have 10 min left in the chapter, not the book. Please God don't let me be that far behind! Just to clarify, you two are my favorites.