Tuesday, May 21, 2013

the weekend

This weekend was just a little too short! On Saturday morning (very early morning) I volunteered at the Colfax Marathon 5K with Kari. She was representing the Parkinson's Association, and Michael J Fox's team and I helped out! It was so inspiring to hear people talk about their own Parkinson's stories and how much running and being active has helped them!
Our booth was slow while they were all running, and luckily, Kari brought Phase 10. I lost, but we both finished all our phases, so that's the best kind of game to lose. We had lunch at Pinche Tacos, which was well worth waking up before 5:00 a.m!
Having Oliver back in Denver means a lot more activity for me! Gone are the mornings of sleeping in, hitting snooze or lounging all day. We have definitely been putting on the miles...and loving it (mostly)! Oh, and I saw the faceless suited man sticker not once, but twice!!

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