Friday, May 17, 2013

Meet Madeline Rae!

Meet little Madeline Rae, my newest niece! She was born on May 2nd and I got to meet her a week later. She is pretty darn sweet and so, so tiny! We got some quality time while Roey caught up on sleep.
I hand delivered the little dress & afghan I made and I think she like them!

Even though my trip was super short, I got to see the Olson's for the afternoon (go sioux!)! We were joking about how Joey has dressed monochromatically since he was a toddler. I thought that was Bill's handiwork, but I'm beginning to wonder! It works for him though.

After I left Fargo, I got some more Auntie lovin from Joey & Katherine! Joey gave me a copy of a collection of stories & poems he had to write for school. My heart melted. He has so many plans and goals and he's just growing up so fast.
And Katherine...well, let me preface this poem by saying that she's been reading a lot of the Goosebumps books...Yes, that is me, and yes, she is holding my head...and my underwear. She later added "It was just a joke" to the bottom of the poem. What a creative little girl she is! Eeeeek

On Sunday, Dad, Oliver & I set out towards Denver! We made a pit stop in Murdo, SD for the night and rolled into town on Monday!
Not too many dads would drive 14 hours just to drop their daughter and her dog off, but luckily, mine did! We listened to The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry for most of the drive and we liked it! It was a little slow, but overall, really good!
Everyone's back home, safe & sound. Oliver & I have one more North Dakota trip planned for Madeline's baby shower and an Olson family reunion, so we will be back soon!

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