Thursday, May 2, 2013

Kickball & I love mornings

Monday night was Kickball night! The last few weeks have been canceled due to snow storms, but this week, the snow waited until Wednesday! Our theme for the week was capes, so Kari whipped us up some! I was so ready to catch a fly ball, but the other team must've been intimidated by me, and no one kicked it in my direction. I'm used to hanging out in the lonely right field from my days in softball, but I was surprised to find out that right field is popular in the kickball world and everyone kicks it there! I'll get them next week!
Some days I find myself consumed with worry. My brain can go to the worst-case scenario in seconds! Monday was one of those days.
So Tuesday morning I decided to make a really peaceful morning for myself. I woke up at 5am and tried to read Gone Girl - I am so close to being done & it's so juicy!  My eyes weren't having it, so I walked to Cheesman park. I need to make a mental note to walk east in the mornings next time so I can enjoy the sunrise. When I got back to my apartment, I devoured Gone Girl for 45 minutes and still made it to work early. Perfect morning!

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  1. Sigghhhhhhhhhh. Things that make me happy :: this post! And stress free mornings. ;)