Wednesday, May 29, 2013

a picky eater review: chia seeds

I have been trying my best to not be a picky eater. I still *cannot* eat a raw tomato, but that may ever happen.
Anyway, I tried something new this week: Chia Seeds! I've been hearing about all of their health benefits - omega 3's, fiber, antioxidants, blah, blah, so I decided to give them a try using this Triple Berry Chia Pudding recipe. I honestly wanted to use the almond/coconut milk in the recipe, but I hate coconut (mostly for the texutre). I text my food girl, Beth, and we decided I should stick to almond milk and not try too many new things.
"Baby steps." -Beth
In conclusion, this picky eater LIKED the pudding! I don't want to say love, because I'm not there yet, but it was 100% better than I expected. I ate one serving for breakfast & I froze the other in a popsicle mold. I'm thinking it will be a yummy frozen treat! I've found a lot of other recipes for chia seeds I'm planning on trying: an add on for smoothies, salads, and an egg substitute in baking. 


  1. I have seen quite a few recipes with chia seeds and feel like I need to jump on board too. After seeing that you tried them, I think I will too!

    1. You will love them! I bet you could make some delicious recipes will all your foodie skills!! Let me know if you try anything delish!