Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The weekend

I spent most of this weekend outside and loved it!
Saturday, I volunteered with Kari at a half marathon in Golden. It was the windiest day to even be standing around, so I couldn't imagine running in it.
I spent Sunday at Cheesman Park. I *finally* finished the first book of The Hunger Games. I'm embarassed to admit when I started reading it, but I'm done. It's not really my genre, but I liked it!
I also finished my latest Audible book, Me Before You, which I really loved! While I was at the park, an adorable little 2-year-old kept coming over to my blanket. His parents were nearby, but he was bored with them I think! So he & I played catch with a stick (fetch?) for a long while, then he brought over some cheetos and sat on my blanket until he parents were ready to leave.
Kari joined a kickball league this spring and invited me as well! Not being athletic/competitive in the least, I was hesistant, but this league is a little different. You have to be carrying a cup of beer the entire game - whether you're kicking or in the outfield! That definitely evens the playing field. Our first game was last night, and although it was super chilly, we had the best time.
Each week has a different theme, and last nights was hats. Kari, her brother & I all had the green furry hats - so warm!

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  1. I can visualize you playing catch/fetch and it just makes me smile. I bet you made his day!

    - Jaime