Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring Blouse Class

Last weekend Loren & I took a spring blouse sewing class at The Fancy Tiger. It was a fun day and I'm almost certain that if I would've been sewing this on my own, I would've given up long before I finished! We even made our own bias tape, which was what we were dreading the most! I should add that to my resume.
Both Loren & I ended up with finished shirts and the class was just what I needed to get me back in the sewing mood!

Loren's shirt...pre-sleeves and my finished shirt!
I used my sewing momentum to make a dress for little Baby Anglin, who should be arriving in a few weeks! I used a pattern called Little Geranium. It's very, very tiny, but I'm thinking it will be perfect for a tiny newborn!


  1. Mary you look adorable... and your shirt is great. I cannot wait to see you in it!

    - Jaime

  2. Your shirt looks really good!