Monday, April 29, 2013

Cherry Creek Sneak, 2013!

This weekend was the Cherry Creek Sneak 5K race - the 3rd annual for Adam, Loren & I! (2011, 2012) The weather couldn't have been nicer! Although, I do have a bit of a sunburn today.
This year my coworker, RJ, and I actually completed a 9 week training program, so we were super prepared! He is such a fun running partner. He's probably the only running partner who will give you a Hebrew vocabulary lesson to motivate you! And he will also teach you Spanish! And if he's running too fast for you, all you have to do is bring up literaure (or really any topic), and he'll talk for 30 minutes, so you can keep up with him!
Loren did the training separately, and we had our best time yet!
I had to include the annual petting zoo picture - a (very sedated looking) skunk! I thought he was sleeping, but he slowly opened his eyes...and I ran away.

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