Monday, April 29, 2013

Cherry Creek Sneak, 2013!

This weekend was the Cherry Creek Sneak 5K race - the 3rd annual for Adam, Loren & I! (2011, 2012) The weather couldn't have been nicer! Although, I do have a bit of a sunburn today.
This year my coworker, RJ, and I actually completed a 9 week training program, so we were super prepared! He is such a fun running partner. He's probably the only running partner who will give you a Hebrew vocabulary lesson to motivate you! And he will also teach you Spanish! And if he's running too fast for you, all you have to do is bring up literaure (or really any topic), and he'll talk for 30 minutes, so you can keep up with him!
Loren did the training separately, and we had our best time yet!
I had to include the annual petting zoo picture - a (very sedated looking) skunk! I thought he was sleeping, but he slowly opened his eyes...and I ran away.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pitching in for Parkinson's

Last night Kari's organization, the Parkinson Association of the Rockies held a fundraiser night at the Rockies baseball game. Denver got blasted with snow on Monday and yesterday morning, but the game went on as planned! It was the coldest day of games ever played in Coors Field...23 degrees! Only the hard-core fans made it to the game, as you can tell by the empty stadium picture below. North Dakota has prepared me well for these types of events. If I can ice fish in negative (windy!!) temps, I can handle a baseball game! I love a chance to cuddle up in blanket and my favorite Karley mittens, with a hot coffee and watch a beautiful sunset over the mountains, but you can't really say that out loud to people that are freezing or they'll look at you funny and probably roll their eyes.


Friday, April 19, 2013

Lookout Mountain Hike

Last weekend Kari & I met in Golden to hike Lookout Mountain! Our round trip took about 3.5 hours and was probably around 9 miles. And the view - wow!
Kari brought Buck's three dogs, so we had plenty of company.
Once we reached the top, we saw a little path that looked like a continuation of our trail, so we took it. After a half mile, we were underwhelmed (and exhausted) and decided to turn back. We saw a few elk out of the corner of our eye and I was *really* excited and thought I could go home happy with a wildlife sighting. Then, as we kept walking, we saw many elk! There were two spots of the fence that were really low for them to cross the road, and we were in their way! They were determined to cross, so we just watched! We may not have been as close as Karley, but we had a great view!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Fitspiration's DietBet

A few months ago I discovered the YouTube channel of Olivia & Hannah, My Fitspiration. They were both contestants on the Biggest Loser a few years ago and are sisters. And I really love sisters (espeically my own)! I started watching their videos and found them to be a huge inspiration. A month ago, they hosted a challenge via DietBet, where everyone bets $25 and those who reach 4% weight loss after 28 days get to split the pot!
I signed up and some of my awesome & inspiring friends did too! Our 28-day-challenge ended on Monday and we did really well! It was a great motivational tool for me, so I signed up for another bet that started last Tuesday. Hopefully I can meet my goal again next month!

Spring Blouse Class

Last weekend Loren & I took a spring blouse sewing class at The Fancy Tiger. It was a fun day and I'm almost certain that if I would've been sewing this on my own, I would've given up long before I finished! We even made our own bias tape, which was what we were dreading the most! I should add that to my resume.
Both Loren & I ended up with finished shirts and the class was just what I needed to get me back in the sewing mood!

Loren's shirt...pre-sleeves and my finished shirt!
I used my sewing momentum to make a dress for little Baby Anglin, who should be arriving in a few weeks! I used a pattern called Little Geranium. It's very, very tiny, but I'm thinking it will be perfect for a tiny newborn!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Keaton Henson

If you thought William Fitzsimmons had some melancholy tunes, you've clearly never heard of Keaton Henson. I hadn't, until today on All Songs Considered.

From the article:
The Keaton Henson who appears on the new album Birthdays is an avowed hermit with a profoundly broken heart. He also has one of the most beautiful voices I've heard. The 24 year-old singer from London, who says he rarely leaves his bedroom, bares his wrecked emotional remains in an arresting new video for the song "You."

Definitely not party music, but I'm loving him!

The weekend

I spent most of this weekend outside and loved it!
Saturday, I volunteered with Kari at a half marathon in Golden. It was the windiest day to even be standing around, so I couldn't imagine running in it.
I spent Sunday at Cheesman Park. I *finally* finished the first book of The Hunger Games. I'm embarassed to admit when I started reading it, but I'm done. It's not really my genre, but I liked it!
I also finished my latest Audible book, Me Before You, which I really loved! While I was at the park, an adorable little 2-year-old kept coming over to my blanket. His parents were nearby, but he was bored with them I think! So he & I played catch with a stick (fetch?) for a long while, then he brought over some cheetos and sat on my blanket until he parents were ready to leave.
Kari joined a kickball league this spring and invited me as well! Not being athletic/competitive in the least, I was hesistant, but this league is a little different. You have to be carrying a cup of beer the entire game - whether you're kicking or in the outfield! That definitely evens the playing field. Our first game was last night, and although it was super chilly, we had the best time.
Each week has a different theme, and last nights was hats. Kari, her brother & I all had the green furry hats - so warm!