Monday, March 11, 2013

weekend: pies & a book

This weekend Marie & Sean hosted a pie party! We each brought a pie to share and got to try a little bit of everything. I have failed at pies (and mini pies) many times before, so I decided to go a new route: pie pops. I followed these instructions from The Bakerella. Since they were written by an 8-year-old, I thought it'd be a breeze, but that wasn't the case! Luckily, I bought extra pie crusts, so by the end of my trials, and errors, I had some cute-looking pops! Next time I'll know not to fill them so full and to either skip the sticks completely, or try to stick them higher up into the pie.

Besides a super yummy lunch with Nicole, the rest of my weekend looked exactly like this - crocheting, red wine & a good book.
I've been listening to The Good House on audiobook and I finally finished it this weekend. 
The main character/narrator really drew me into this book, so I wasn't really expecting much along the lines of an exciting plot, but the last 1/3 of the book took a turn and I couldn't turn it off until it was over! 

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  1. Everything about this post makes me do a big fat siiiiiggghhhhhh! What a peaceful and delicious weekend! Did you ever get in touch with your old roommate from Pen US? I thought that was on your to do list this weekend, too. KISSES!