Sunday, January 6, 2013


Beth & I met for a super early breakfast at the Cozy Cottage before she made the drive up to Wyoming. She brought me the cutest little strawberry mug and I'm using it right now in fact! I couldn't tell that the pineapple was pineapple, but otherwise, it was a good breakfast with a definite cozy ambiance.

photos from my instagram & beth's (same brain syndrome happening!)

I'm going to bring back the "Read 2 books per month" goal from last year (or the year before?). I was going through my college books in my old bedroom and missing the days of being a serious reader! And even at the public library, well, probably especially at the public library, I was a reading machine and now I've lost that. Now it takes me months to finish the simplest of novels. I'll get back into it though - My library account is clean, I have my awesome audible account and a long list of books I've been dying to read!

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  1. Beth Summerfield LOVES this post. And your face. And books. And librarians. And strawberries. Well...PICKING strawberries with your face.