Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nordic Ski Adventure!

Loren, Adam & I went on a little Nordic adventure on Saturday.  We went back to Frisco, where Emily & I went three years ago! It was their first time & they were very premium skiers! I used Karley's teaching technique of saying, "Just ski. Just do it..." and it worked I think! It was only 30 degrees, but with the sun, elevation and the sweating, it felt closer to 93 degrees. Can't complain about that though!
It was so gorgeous - the view was killer! We made a pit stop at Beau Jo's on the way home. Pizza never tasted so good.
Things to remember for next time: fewer layers, sunglasses and fly Emily in!


  1. You are a good ski instructor, I still know how to ski (in theory), thanks to you! Having Emily there next time is a good pro tip!