Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Part 2

I had a very nice little Christmas with the Olson's/Anglin's! Since Roey & Steve were with his family over Christmas, we had a little belated celebration later in the week!

As soon as I saw this kitten keyboard + microphone, I knew Katherine had to have it. I almost felt guilty about it when I realized how loud it was in real life, but I'm pretty sure she loved it and I think Bill will get some use out of it as well (video to come later).

On Saturday, I went to see Joey's very early hockey game in Grand Forks and we celebrated the win by going to IHOP. (That trip was probably Bill's last IHOP visit.) If you scroll way down through all the pictures, you can see him looking perturbed and wearing gloves whilst eating...long story.
I was planning on going to Fargo to see Roey & Steve + baby, and since the Olson clan didn't have any plans, we all made a trip to Fargo!
We went bowling, to church, out for supper and made a quick stop at Barnes & Nobles! I loved being there again - Karley & I would frequent the coffee shop and we had some of the best times there during college!
When we left Fargo, Joey said, "That was the best unplanned day ever!" Awww, and it was!

In addition to having my first taste of lutefisk this trip, I also had my first ice fishing adventure. I had more layers than I could count and after being there only about 2 minutes, I thought I was going to expire. Luckily, Bill set up a little fishing tent, which stopped the bitter wind and we had a great time and got a bunch of tiny perch! Joey's been ice fishing since he was 3 years old, so he gave me a lesson.

Oh, and I'm happy to report I finally finished Cutting for Stone!

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