Saturday, January 26, 2013

Brussel Sprouts & Beth

Beth was in Denver for a few days this week, so of course we had to party...and by party, I mean cook at my apartment and wander around Target.
As an appetizer, I roasted brussel sprouts and we mixed up a little aioli for dipping. (I used this recipe) I probably should've bought twice as many sprouts, because we inhaled them - SO good! We may or may not have eaten every possible crumb & licked the bowl clean.
For the main course, we used this recipe for "Lightened-Up Sundried Tomato Basil Pesto Pasta." Except when I went to get the sundried tomatoes out of my cupboard, I realized they were actually roasted red peppers. Beth prevented my meltdown & the end result was really good!
 Beth also was able to join my coworker, Ben, and I for lunch on Thursday. There are 2 Garbonzo restaurants on Colorado Blvd., and they both happen to be next to Panera, so we had a little bit of a mis-communication in the form of texts that said, "We're here!" and "No, I'm here." But, we all ended up at the same place and had the best little lunch!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

the rest of the weekend

The rest of my long weekend was really nice! I finally saw Les Miserables in the theater. Nicole & I had a little craft afternoon and I found out that my apartment isn't very child-safe with a little lesson from Mr. Wyatt. Although, I think he had a ton of fun with a microwave at his level and a few balls of yarn!
On Monday, I went to Boulder for a little hike with Natalia. It was probably in the top 5 most challenging hikes, but the view was great!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nordic Ski Adventure!

Loren, Adam & I went on a little Nordic adventure on Saturday.  We went back to Frisco, where Emily & I went three years ago! It was their first time & they were very premium skiers! I used Karley's teaching technique of saying, "Just ski. Just do it..." and it worked I think! It was only 30 degrees, but with the sun, elevation and the sweating, it felt closer to 93 degrees. Can't complain about that though!
It was so gorgeous - the view was killer! We made a pit stop at Beau Jo's on the way home. Pizza never tasted so good.
Things to remember for next time: fewer layers, sunglasses and fly Emily in!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Meow, meow, meow

Since Bill used to staple my clothes to the floor (while I was wearing them), I feel I can post this video in good conscience. Enjoy.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend Crafts

Here's a taste of what I was up to this weekend. Loren & I had the most productive craft day we've ever had! She made the most professional curtains and my project is top secret, so don't ask! Karley & I skyped & skyped. We even had breakfast together which consisted of making French toast on video! And I got a new toy for my iPad - a bamboo stylus. Right now I'm using it for doodling on pictures and the like, but I know it'll come in handy for very serious and important things!

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Sunday, January 6, 2013


Beth & I met for a super early breakfast at the Cozy Cottage before she made the drive up to Wyoming. She brought me the cutest little strawberry mug and I'm using it right now in fact! I couldn't tell that the pineapple was pineapple, but otherwise, it was a good breakfast with a definite cozy ambiance.

photos from my instagram & beth's (same brain syndrome happening!)

I'm going to bring back the "Read 2 books per month" goal from last year (or the year before?). I was going through my college books in my old bedroom and missing the days of being a serious reader! And even at the public library, well, probably especially at the public library, I was a reading machine and now I've lost that. Now it takes me months to finish the simplest of novels. I'll get back into it though - My library account is clean, I have my awesome audible account and a long list of books I've been dying to read!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sharing a brain

People have been saying for over ten years that Karley & I share a brain. (We take it as a compliment.)
Reason #384920: Following our rule of only handmade gifts for Christmas, we made each other something - Karley made the perfect green necklaces & I made the cowls - and then we liked our gifts so much we made two of them! Anway, we LOVE to match and now we have BFF necklaces AND cowls.
P.S. Don't ask how long it took me to imitate Karley's picture. I look significantly wackier! I'm still seeing a dark spot from all the flash.

Christmas Part 2

I had a very nice little Christmas with the Olson's/Anglin's! Since Roey & Steve were with his family over Christmas, we had a little belated celebration later in the week!

As soon as I saw this kitten keyboard + microphone, I knew Katherine had to have it. I almost felt guilty about it when I realized how loud it was in real life, but I'm pretty sure she loved it and I think Bill will get some use out of it as well (video to come later).

On Saturday, I went to see Joey's very early hockey game in Grand Forks and we celebrated the win by going to IHOP. (That trip was probably Bill's last IHOP visit.) If you scroll way down through all the pictures, you can see him looking perturbed and wearing gloves whilst eating...long story.
I was planning on going to Fargo to see Roey & Steve + baby, and since the Olson clan didn't have any plans, we all made a trip to Fargo!
We went bowling, to church, out for supper and made a quick stop at Barnes & Nobles! I loved being there again - Karley & I would frequent the coffee shop and we had some of the best times there during college!
When we left Fargo, Joey said, "That was the best unplanned day ever!" Awww, and it was!

In addition to having my first taste of lutefisk this trip, I also had my first ice fishing adventure. I had more layers than I could count and after being there only about 2 minutes, I thought I was going to expire. Luckily, Bill set up a little fishing tent, which stopped the bitter wind and we had a great time and got a bunch of tiny perch! Joey's been ice fishing since he was 3 years old, so he gave me a lesson.

Oh, and I'm happy to report I finally finished Cutting for Stone!

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, Bill, Jamie & the kids came out to the farm and Dad cooked us up some lutefisk!
Lutefisk is dried fish that has been brined in lye, soaked and then steamed until it flakes. Legend has it that the Irish were trying to poison the Vikings by feeding them spoiled fish, but they liked it!
I've gone many holiday's avoiding it at all cost, but I thought if Joey was brave enough to eat it, I could be too! It wasn't as bad as I was expecting - imagine fish jello...Ewww, don't imagine that, but that's what it tastes like.
After supper, we had a (another) major fail at the chocolate fountain (although pretty delicious), played a few rounds of the Scooby Doo jenga game, and Joey learned Heart & Soul. He's such a little musical sponge...and of course Billy entertained us with some accordion tunes!