Monday, December 17, 2012

The weekend

On Friday, Nicole & I went to a little collage-making workshop. One of Nicole's friends is getting into teaching these types of classes & wanted to use us as test students!
My style is normally simple & bright and this class challenged that for sure. I ended up making a collage of old, dead authors and flowers. The quote on my collage says, "Let your heart be light." (Which I could use a lesson or two in!) Most of the flowers are from my favorite cards that Karley gave me for my birthday a few years ago.
Nicole went with an army/artillery theme & it couldn't have been more fun (and scary) watching her.

Saturday was Kari & Buck's 2nd annual Christmas party. It was also an elf costume contest and a white elephant gift exchange.
I bought a clearance dress from Old Navy and a yard of fur and tried to elf things up a bit.
Kari ended up choosing my white elephant gift, which included this little Box of Jokes gem among some other goodies. The teeth were out of this world disgusting, which made them all the better!

The next morning while everyone was recovering, Kari & I snuck out for a quick breakfast. The adorable little boxer stayed home, but was just too cute to leave out of the photo collage.

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