Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy December!

I found this gem last weekend cleaning out my old room. Karley & I were at Red Lobster with my family  (2002, probably?) and I tried to order chicken wild rice soup during lent...My mom yelled "Nooooooo," and startled all of us! I must've got clam chowder instead. And, of course our drink wasn't alcoholic. 

I did not take a single, solitary photo this weekend, and I'm pretty okay with that.
Loren, Nicole & I went to Fancy Tiger's Holiday Handmade and we all got a jump start on our Christmas shopping. They both are pretty perfect shopping partners for me. I think I picked out a pretty great gift with their help.
Karley & I logged close to 8 hours this weekend just crafting via Skype. We keep each other motivated, for sure. I finished one special little gift and got a bunch of crocheting done and I also cleaned my room, which truthfully accounted for a majority of the 8 hours!
I somehow managed to cut myself making rice krispie bars (I didn't even use a knife!) 

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