Monday, December 17, 2012


In some sad library news, I just heard my boss from my days at the Moorhead Library recently passed away. She was so great to work for and definitely the main person who influenced me into pursuing my master's in library science. I can't even imagine how much she'll be missed by all the library patrons!

It's almost time for the big drive to ND again! This time I'm supplementing my audible audiobooks with some from the library (once I find my card and pay my fines...horrible librarian, I know).
I read a book review for this book here and she had me at "book version of Arrested Development." I may have set my expectations too high already, but I've been hearing great things about it since then, so I'm optimistic!

This book may look familiar from the sidebar on the right. That's because I'm currently reading it on my Kindle. I've made's 30% completed, but I made a promise to Beth that I'd finish it ASAP, so the audio version may help me move along.
I may or may not have trouble finishing books Beth recommends, but I'm putting that to rest with this one! Actually, I'm about 2.5 for 4 maybe, so that's not bad odds.
And this one,'s tradition!

The audiobooks and my drives are such are getting to be so sentimental to me! I remember listening to You Better Not Cry and it was such a dark drive and one of the stories had the most bittersweet ending and listening to Water for Elephants with Dad and finishing it only minutes from home - and of course, there's Blindness, which I don't think me or dad will ever forget.

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  1. YOU CAN DO ITTTTTT. Hunger Games/GWTDT I can understand not finishing, but this one?! This one? Finish. Your prize will be the name of the book I'm reading now. HOW CAN THAT NOT DRIVE YOU? Drive you. Ha. Get it?! Pun. Intended.