Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I spent Thanksgiving at home this year! I can't even complain about the drive, because it was a breeze.
Roey & I attempted Black Friday shopping for the 2nd time and it didn't go too horrible. I only had one major temper tantrum. We learned to eat & caffeinate ourselves before stepping foot in a store, so that helped. I bought one regular priced item, a travel coffee mug and two dog toys.  Crazy shopper over here!
I got to play my new Christmas accordion music as loud as I wanted and got some tips from the Olson's accordion master, Billy. I also got some tips on how to shoot a BB gun from Joey. I hit 3 soda cans over with one shot.
Before my drive, I joined Audible, which is similar to Netflix, but for audiobooks. I got 2 free books for joining and after hours of deliberating, I chose The Fault in Our Stars by John Green & The Year We Left Home by Jean Thompson. If you buy the wrong audibook for a 14 hour drive, it is a horrible, horrible thing.
Jean Thompson is my very favorite! She's one of the best short story writers around and this book did not dissapoint.

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