Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween 2012!

On Saturday night, I had some of the coolest cats & cookies over for my 4th Annual Halloween extravaganza! I almost didn't even have a party, but I decided it wouldn't be right to skip a year! We were missing some of my regular party-goer BFFs, but I had the best time! I'm getting better each year at playing Apples-to-Apples! It's probably because I'm nearing 30 and getting pretty mature.
P.S. You probably should listen to this song as you look at these spooky pictures.

(Below) Left to right we have Marie, a Dexter victim, Steven, who is dressed as an old school photo of himself!, Me & Oliver as Dorothy & the scarecrow, Hunter & Beth...Mr. & Mrs. Plaid (or that's what I just named them), Lindsay as Audrey Hepburn & Loren and Adam and a cookie + cookie monster!

I tried to make caramel apple jello shots & they looked like apples covered in gravy, BUT, they were delicious! Maybe I need more gelatin next time.

Oh, and Karley mentioned over here that she would've worn an owl costume to my party, so here's my party. She just needs a glass of wine in her hand and she'll fit right in!

Happy Halloween!!

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  1. Sad I couldn't be there. :( Looks like fun though!