Wednesday, October 24, 2012

On Repeat: Noah Gundersen

I first stumbled upon this video on tumblr, and that led me to the original song, sang by Noah Gundersen and I literally haven't stopped listening since!


One of these things is not like the other!
I've had a super low key last few weeks consisting of the laziness you see above. I couldn't have just four pictures of Oliver, so that cat who didn't want to play with me is Foster, my friend Lindsay's cat.
Last night Karley & I had the best 3+ hour Skype session. She sewed an entire doll and I made supper, watched some of the Voice and started a new crochet project. It was pretty much like we were roommates again!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

XXXL Cowls & A little picnic

photo from beth!

Now that it's getting cooler outside, I've been spending a chunk of my weekends crocheting some super warm cowls! This first one I made was just too big for my short neck, so I had to pass it along to Miss Beth...the second one I made was equally as big, but after starting over several times, I just went with it!
Let me just tell you, these are the warmest things ever! I have been SO tempted to sleep in it, but my I can hear my mother's voice saying that it'll get wrapped too tightly around my neck and I'll choke.
Oliver was the first to discover their warmth, as shown below.

Last night Beth & I had a little fall picnic at Cheeman Park.  I had Pho for the very first time & it was really delish! It was so nice to be outside and laugh and laugh - leaves were falling around us. Then it got really dark..really quickly and then we ran to our cars.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Canvas & Cocktails

Last night my wonderful friends at the Parkinson's Association of the Rockies, also known as Kari & Lindsay, hosted a charity night at Canvas & Cocktails.

Tonight is the big Presidential Debate hosted by our neighbor, the University of Denver. I have the day off and I made a big to-do list for today. I've already crossed off two items and it's not even 10am!

Monday, October 1, 2012

St. Mary's Glacier

Beth's been reminding me how many days it has been since my last post and yesterday, Karley asked if I was dead, which was actually a hint to update the blog - so here goes!

Natalia & I went on another little hiking adventure. This time to St. Mary's Glacier near Idaho Springs.

It started to SNOW on our hike up. Then, five minutes later we had to shed a layer because it was so warm.

In these pics, you can see the little bit of the glacier along the side of the mountain!