Thursday, September 13, 2012

Joey + the Cello

Last night, Joey sent me a text from his cellphone and we decided to set up a little Skype session so I could see his brand new cello!
He's only had one day of orchestra, but he sounded in tune and pretty darn good. I had to get my violin out, so we could do a little duet. It was pretty rough on the ears - mostly due to my lack of tuning.
I told him that now he has to be in my future string quartet and we'll all wear matching which he replied, "Didn't we already do that once during Christmas?"
It took me a bit to figure out what he was referring to, then I ran across this little gem from around 2005! I don't know how he could ever remember it - maybe it scarred him for life. It couldn't be as traumatizing as when we fell through the trampoline with two dogs! I bet he still remembers that!

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