Tuesday, August 28, 2012

MK in Duluth 2012

On Thursday, I headed north to Minneapolis and then a little further north to Duluth to spend a long weekend with KARLEY!
When we got back to her apt, she had a perfect strawberry cake waiting for me and a perfect list of things to do in Duluth. I'm happy to report we crossed almost every single thing off the list!

I knew Karley was extra cool when I first met her, because she could eat ice cream faster than anyone I'd ever met! I'd secretly try to race her and I'd lose every single time. So when we went to the Candy Kitchen, my ice cream fell off the stick and I used that as the perfect opportunity to win!
Speaking of winning...Karley bought me a card game, Dutch Blitz and I won almost every game, except when we tied with a whopping score of 81. I actually lost most games, but it's my blog, so I can say I won.

We hiked, biked and swam all around Lake Superior!
I had 2 things on my "must do" list: camping (s'mores) and seeing wildlife.  We happily checked both of those things off the list! I saw a lot of deer (dead and alive) and 2 very wild turkeys!

We also had a day full of adventure, including the Timber Twister and ziplining. They were so not scary and if I say they weren't scary, they definitely weren't.

I'm jumping all over the place chronologically, but it's all a blur anyway, so it doesn't even matter! On my last night, we climbed the somewhat spooky Enger Tower and listened to the Hobo Nephews on repeat. I'm in love with this song.

Karley showed me all her favorite spaces and places and took me to the very best restaurants in town! It was so fun to get a taste of what she loves about Duluth and experience what she tells me about on the phone.

We used to garage sale all over Fargo & Moorhead and with my little S-10 pickup, we had no limits. I unfortunately had the tiniest suitcase ever, but we did got some awesome sales and I was able to mail myself a little box of goodies that will be arriving this week.

I think my favorite part was our little campfire...also the Bison Buddies at the Northern Waters Smokehaus were pretty premium...Oh, and our lakeside picnic on the rocks...and laughing so hard we both spit out ice cream...(and also playing cards on the beach).
Thanks for the best weekend Karley!

Now that you're overloaded with Mary & Karley, you can read all about it again on Karley's blog!

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  1. I could read this 100 times over again. I love all of the pictures. Come baaaacccccckkkkk please.