Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Lumineers & Cake

I've been listening to The Lumineers on repeat since this post in April. I've tried to grab tickets for their shows, but I'm never quick enough...until now. Lindsay & I got tickets to The Lumineers & Cake at Red Rocks!!!!

It started to rain as soon as they got on stage, but it was just that much more fun to dance in the rain! The leader singer said, "One day you'll talk about that time you saw The Lumineers at Red Rocks and it poured."
We were sitting by the most fun people (except that guy on my left), which made it all the better.
Here's a snippet of my latest favorite, "Slow it Down."

Before the rain!

 Then, onto the main act, Cake!
Whenever I think of Cake, I think of Loren & I talking about this cupcake shop on Colfax and Adam saying, "Do you like cake?" I said yeah, sure, but I must've looked a little confused because Loren said, "He means the band, Cake."

Anyway, they put on an awesome show, the rain had mostly stopped & it was just the best night!
Here's a little playlist for you to dance to: 

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