Sunday, July 29, 2012

Oliver Swap 2012

On Friday, Francie & I packed up and drove to Murdo, SD to meet my Dad & Rose to make the big, highly anticipated, Oliver swap!
I won't fool myself by thinking Oliver was happy to head back to Denver - I mean, who would want to leave Bob Olson & the wide open countryside?! No one I know, but I was so excited to get him back.

I have to admit, I've enjoyed having some pretty lazy mornings, but I'm looking forward to becoming an early bird again with our morning trips to the park.

I am starting to really love these roadtrips of mine! I had more audiobooks than hours, which makes for a pretty perfect drive.
We took a long walk around Murdo after supper.  It's a cute little town & judging by the amount of gas stations and hotels, it's definitely a hot-spot for pit-spots!

And then, after a night's sleep, we had to go back to Denver. SAD!

These two!! They both wanted to sit in the front, and this way the way to do it. 

P.S. Everytime I'm left alone with cable television, I leave with some weird show I couldn't believe I had lived without. I can't help myself!
This trip's show...Call of the Wildman
This guy is just so great to watch. He is the sweetest redneck ever! I had to watch about 4 episodes before I could fall asleep.

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  1. Aww, that pic of your Dad and the dogs is so cute!