Monday, July 9, 2012

New & Improved

P.S. Do you guys love my new blog header as much as I do?! I mumbled something to dear Beth about how I wanted flower letters (??) - I didn't even know what I was saying (or how in the world I'd make something like what I thought I wanted) and a few hours later this was sitting in my inbox! It's even better than what I imagined!
In library school we'd always hear that the customer really didn't know what they were trying to ask, so that was our find the question first and then the answer. I have a feeling graphic designers are learning those same types of skills!
Thanks Bethy!


  1. Cha cha cha! Look at your face lift! Man some nice buttons or icons would be nice too! (DREAM BIG.)

  2. I LOVE IT. Can I have the exact same one?