Monday, July 9, 2012

Mount Democrat

I climbed a mountain yesterday!
I know, I'm as surprised to type that as you are to read it! I would never have even attempted anything like this on my own, but my friend Lindsay and her mountain climbing friend, Bob, talked me into it!
The weather forecast wasn't looking great, but despite being cloudy and foggy, we had good weather (until we were almost back to Denver).
Mount Democrat is close to Alma, CO, which is the highest town in the US with permanent residents. Fourteneers are a big deal in Colorado, so it was really great to experience one!

We left Denver at 4:30 a.m. to get up and down the mountain before the afternoon storms!

Our car was parked near the back of that lake - this was barely up the mountain, but the view was out of this world! That's Kite Lake.

Watch this video Bob took of the clouds passing through!

My hiking friends: Steve, Lindsay, Beth & Bob.

Snow, near the summit!

We felt like we were about to die so very many times, but we took a lot of little breaks to catch our breath and we made it to the top in 3 hours! It took about 2 to get back down.
Beth & Steve beat us to the top & took this little snapshot.  Bob stayed with us and encouraged us the whole way and told us that no, we weren't going to die and yes, we were eventually going to make it to the top.  The insane fog was probably good and bad, because we had no idea how close or far we were from the peak!

I made it!
There was a little sitting up there for everyone to pose with. I can only image what the view would've been on a clear day.
It was a lot harder to catch my breath on the way up, but a lot more painful physically on the way down. It was by far the most physically demanding thing I've ever accomplished!  I expected to literally fall out of bed the next morning, but honestly, I felt really good - sore, but good!

And look who made it all the way to Mount Democrat - faceless suited man!


  1. Is there a max limit of times I can Like this? I'm so so so proud of you! I told Hunter and he already has plans for you to hike a 14er with us - SO GET TO TRAINING! I'm a little happy that a girl named Beth went with you, so I can pretend that was me up there. MAN A LOT OF WORK, BUT A LOT OF PAY OFF. WASN'T THAT CLIMB CRAZY? PHEW! I love you!

  2. What a cool accomplishment! It's so beautiful and amazing looking!! One day we can do one together?!