Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I need one for my future strawberry farm!! Or, I need Bob Olson to get one! Either way, isn't this the funniest thing?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Lumineers & Cake

I've been listening to The Lumineers on repeat since this post in April. I've tried to grab tickets for their shows, but I'm never quick enough...until now. Lindsay & I got tickets to The Lumineers & Cake at Red Rocks!!!!

It started to rain as soon as they got on stage, but it was just that much more fun to dance in the rain! The leader singer said, "One day you'll talk about that time you saw The Lumineers at Red Rocks and it poured."
We were sitting by the most fun people (except that guy on my left), which made it all the better.
Here's a snippet of my latest favorite, "Slow it Down."

Before the rain!

 Then, onto the main act, Cake!
Whenever I think of Cake, I think of Loren & I talking about this cupcake shop on Colfax and Adam saying, "Do you like cake?" I said yeah, sure, but I must've looked a little confused because Loren said, "He means the band, Cake."

Anyway, they put on an awesome show, the rain had mostly stopped & it was just the best night!
Here's a little playlist for you to dance to: 

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Oliver Swap 2012

On Friday, Francie & I packed up and drove to Murdo, SD to meet my Dad & Rose to make the big, highly anticipated, Oliver swap!
I won't fool myself by thinking Oliver was happy to head back to Denver - I mean, who would want to leave Bob Olson & the wide open countryside?! No one I know, but I was so excited to get him back.

I have to admit, I've enjoyed having some pretty lazy mornings, but I'm looking forward to becoming an early bird again with our morning trips to the park.

I am starting to really love these roadtrips of mine! I had more audiobooks than hours, which makes for a pretty perfect drive.
We took a long walk around Murdo after supper.  It's a cute little town & judging by the amount of gas stations and hotels, it's definitely a hot-spot for pit-spots!

And then, after a night's sleep, we had to go back to Denver. SAD!

These two!! They both wanted to sit in the front, and this way the way to do it. 

P.S. Everytime I'm left alone with cable television, I leave with some weird show I couldn't believe I had lived without. I can't help myself!
This trip's show...Call of the Wildman
This guy is just so great to watch. He is the sweetest redneck ever! I had to watch about 4 episodes before I could fall asleep.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Flowers in the Snow: WIP

I've said it hundreds of times, but I am the worst at math and unfortunately, crocheting takes a little bit of skill in that department..and I do mean a little bit.  It's really not a huge deal in this case, but when you think you're nearing the end of a big project and you realize you're closer to half done, it's a little annoying.
I just learned the other day that this pattern is called Flowers in the Snow. Most people add the "snow" as they go, but I panicked and decided to connect them all at the end.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Urban Assault Bicycle Race

Yesterday, Lindsay & I "competed" in Denver's Urban Assault Race, a bicycle scavenger hunt. It consisted of 9 checkpoints all around Denver.  At each checkpoint, we had to complete a challenge.
The highlight of the seriously hot day was jumping in a freezing cold pool to complete a challenge.
I definitely wouldn't have attempted the race if Lindsay hadn't persuaded me, but it was a lot of fun & an awesome workout. 
Here's a photo album of the day from the Westword.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Conversation with My 12 Year Old Self

One year for Christmas, I got a tape recorder and a microphone and I was in heaven! I tried to interview everyone, but noone wanted to talk to me. I coud have saved a lot of rejection by just interviewing myself! I'm so impressed & entertained by this video. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Loren's Bachelorette Party

I spent this last weekend in Vail, Colorado, for the lovely Loren's bachelorette party!
We had some really amazing food, lots of laughs and watched just enough episodes of Pillars of the Earth to get completely and totally addicted!

Monday, July 9, 2012

New & Improved

P.S. Do you guys love my new blog header as much as I do?! I mumbled something to dear Beth about how I wanted flower letters (??) - I didn't even know what I was saying (or how in the world I'd make something like what I thought I wanted) and a few hours later this was sitting in my inbox! It's even better than what I imagined!
In library school we'd always hear that the customer really didn't know what they were trying to ask, so that was our job..to find the question first and then the answer. I have a feeling graphic designers are learning those same types of skills!
Thanks Bethy!

Mount Democrat

I climbed a mountain yesterday!
I know, I'm as surprised to type that as you are to read it! I would never have even attempted anything like this on my own, but my friend Lindsay and her mountain climbing friend, Bob, talked me into it!
The weather forecast wasn't looking great, but despite being cloudy and foggy, we had good weather (until we were almost back to Denver).
Mount Democrat is close to Alma, CO, which is the highest town in the US with permanent residents. Fourteneers are a big deal in Colorado, so it was really great to experience one!

We left Denver at 4:30 a.m. to get up and down the mountain before the afternoon storms!

Our car was parked near the back of that lake - this was barely up the mountain, but the view was out of this world! That's Kite Lake.

Watch this video Bob took of the clouds passing through!

My hiking friends: Steve, Lindsay, Beth & Bob.

Snow, near the summit!

We felt like we were about to die so very many times, but we took a lot of little breaks to catch our breath and we made it to the top in 3 hours! It took about 2 to get back down.
Beth & Steve beat us to the top & took this little snapshot.  Bob stayed with us and encouraged us the whole way and told us that no, we weren't going to die and yes, we were eventually going to make it to the top.  The insane fog was probably good and bad, because we had no idea how close or far we were from the peak!

I made it!
There was a little sitting up there for everyone to pose with. I can only image what the view would've been on a clear day.
It was a lot harder to catch my breath on the way up, but a lot more painful physically on the way down. It was by far the most physically demanding thing I've ever accomplished!  I expected to literally fall out of bed the next morning, but honestly, I felt really good - sore, but good!

And look who made it all the way to Mount Democrat - faceless suited man!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Check Yes or No

I've had my iPad for about a week now, and I've found one million uses for it, but Beth's use of Paper53 to make me a drawing (above), which I completed, was one of the very best uses thus far.
A close second is using the Kindle app to start a new book, Cutting for Stone & watching Storage Wars in bed.
Photo from Beth's Instagram Page

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Weekend!

This weekend started with a little Happy Hour with Kari! We had drinks & supper at Wash Park Grille and then grabbed some homemade ice cream at The Local!

On Saturday morning, my iPhone unfortunately took a dip in the bathtub, and since I've heard to put wet cell phones in a bag of dry rice, that's what I did. I went to Nicole's for the day.  They don't call me impatient Mary for nothing...I kept taking my phone out of the rice to check if it worked.  During one of those times, I snapped this picture of Wyatt. He is the most entertaining little guy!
I'm happy to report after watching many YouTube videos and trying a lot of different things, my iPhone is good as new!

On Sunday, I met up with some friends for brunch at Merle's followed by some mini golf at Putter's Pride. I was a little shaky at first, but by the 2nd round, I had the hang of it!

On Sunday night, we Jazzed in City Park! Beth & I biked there, which might have to become a tradition! I completely overloaded my basket, so when we met on 12th Ave, Beth took over some of my load - what a great friend!
This week we celebrated Lindsay's 27th Birthday! Her friends Jenny & Tygre were in town from Texas and they were just the sweetest.  Much to my Denver friend's dissapointment, Jenny & Tygre helped me with my Southern accent. I have some great new slang to try.