Thursday, June 28, 2012

ALA 2012 Anaheim

I was back in Colorado for just about a week before I left again - this time for California.  This was my 3rd year going to the American Library Association's Annual Conference. (Here's 2010 & 2011.)

If you're reading this & you're not a librarian, you're probably thinking.."What in the world could you learn at a boring library conference?" I kept track of my schedule via my iPhone, so here's a little sampling of some of the sessions.

Beth's parents live in Temecula, CA, which wasn't too far from Anaheim, where I was for the conference.  They picked me up and we had a nice little drive to Huntington Beach and supper at Avila's El Ranchito. 
We had a perfect little stroll down the beach & were entertained by the many kite surfers.  Laurie left us with some beautiful flowers for our hotel room, which ended up looking better & better every day!
I'm so glad it worked out for me to meet up with the Summerfields.

After a full day of sessions, we needed to process all of the the pool.

I got to see my friend Peggy on my way back to Denver from North Dakota a few weeks ago - she lives in Pierre, SD now.  I also got to see Peggy for a little bit last week as she flew from Denver to California...AND I also got to see Peggy in California! She's originally from CA and was back in town for a few weddings.
She took me to the famous In-n-Out Burger and then over to her friend's house for a little girls night. I think I like 5 Guys burgers better.

Our conference ended Tuesday morning, but we didn't fly back until 8:30pm, so we rented a car & drove to Huntington Beach for the day. It was super crowded, but still very relaxing! We watched people fish from the pier for awhile & we saw a leopard shark and a spider crab, both shown below! (ewww)
Our beach day was the perfect way to end our conference and our time in California.

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