Thursday, June 28, 2012

ALA 2012 Anaheim

I was back in Colorado for just about a week before I left again - this time for California.  This was my 3rd year going to the American Library Association's Annual Conference. (Here's 2010 & 2011.)

If you're reading this & you're not a librarian, you're probably thinking.."What in the world could you learn at a boring library conference?" I kept track of my schedule via my iPhone, so here's a little sampling of some of the sessions.

Beth's parents live in Temecula, CA, which wasn't too far from Anaheim, where I was for the conference.  They picked me up and we had a nice little drive to Huntington Beach and supper at Avila's El Ranchito. 
We had a perfect little stroll down the beach & were entertained by the many kite surfers.  Laurie left us with some beautiful flowers for our hotel room, which ended up looking better & better every day!
I'm so glad it worked out for me to meet up with the Summerfields.

After a full day of sessions, we needed to process all of the the pool.

I got to see my friend Peggy on my way back to Denver from North Dakota a few weeks ago - she lives in Pierre, SD now.  I also got to see Peggy for a little bit last week as she flew from Denver to California...AND I also got to see Peggy in California! She's originally from CA and was back in town for a few weddings.
She took me to the famous In-n-Out Burger and then over to her friend's house for a little girls night. I think I like 5 Guys burgers better.

Our conference ended Tuesday morning, but we didn't fly back until 8:30pm, so we rented a car & drove to Huntington Beach for the day. It was super crowded, but still very relaxing! We watched people fish from the pier for awhile & we saw a leopard shark and a spider crab, both shown below! (ewww)
Our beach day was the perfect way to end our conference and our time in California.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

JITP + Craftiness

Sunday was my first Jazz in the Park of the summer.  It was super relaxing & little Wyatt provided the entertainment, obviously! Let's just say that he looked cuter in my hat than I looked in his little goggle sunglasses. We also celebrated a little belated birthday for Nicole.

I did a massive amount of cleaning, organizing and decorating in my apartment this weekend. On Sunday, Loren picked me up for a quick trip to Fancy Tiger - beautiful fabric heaven! I left with only 2 yards of fabric, and with no project in mind for them.
Oh, and Loren also spotted the man, dressed in pink! He was at Wahoo's Fish Tacos. Sadly, the wine bar Marie, Loren & I were going to meet at, Em's Velvet Vine, is now closed, so Wahoo's was our nearest option.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Where is He Now? Oliver, the dog

The last few years, Oliver has been spending his summer vacations up in North in staying with Dad & Rose.  I've been going to an annual library conference and it's just too expensive and miserable to board him during that time & I'm so lucky they agree to watch him!
It's such an adjustment not to have him around. I'm used to planning around Oliver and how long he can be home alone before I need to take him out and making sure he's getting enough exercise. And for a few weeks every year, I have zero responsibility! I can't wait to get him back, but I'm planning on taking full advantage of a little freedom.

I think he'll be just fine.

Here's Katherine's thoughts on Oliver...they're pretty spot on, although I don't know if I've ever heard him sing (or eat another dog).

Beth, Peter & the Park

This time we ran into a tiny little roadblock, also known as silverware, but no silverware? no problem! Since I just got back from vacation and Beth is leaving today, last night was a perfect little friend catch-up date.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Where is She Now? 'Lil Katherine

You may remember a little doll that came to be known as 'Lil Katherine.
You can read about her here & here.

Well, I'm happy to report that she is flourishing in North Dakota.  I was recently told that she has married a little doll-man named Mr. Bill and they are very happy together.  Unfortunately, her neck broke open, but Jamie has stitched her up very nicely.
'Lil Katherine now has pink eyelashes & a penciled nose, which she was lacking before.  As you can see below, she is dressed in white, glitter tulle for the wedding festivities.
She is one loved little doll and I couldn't be happier about it.

Songs in my Head

I've been listening to 2 songs (#1 & #2 from this playlist) on repeat while I sleep for nearly a month and have thought nothing of it.  Last week Roey & I shared a room and when she woke up she had to confirm with me that we had been listening to the same songs all night long.  She said, "It felt like she was slowly dying all night long." But doesn't that make for a relaxing night of sleep? I guess not.  I think Marie can relate when I started repeating this song. Anyway, I wouldn't say the Cupid Shuffle is repeatable (maybe before 7am), but ever since I heard it on Saturday, I cannot stop hearing it in my head!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wedding Update

Hi Friends! I'm freshly back in Denver from almost a week and a half in North Dakota. I got to relax a little, work a little and spend every waking (and sleeping) moment with my awesome family!  If you are my friend on Facebook, or follow me on Instagram, this first collage will make you die of boredom, so you're allowed to skip to the 2nd collage. These are some of my favorite moments from my week.
Roey was the most beautiful bride! My very first memories, my best memories and my worst memories include Roey, and I'm so happy to have been able to share in this big memory of hers!
The wedding went perfectly, the food was yummy, the booze was flowing (thanks to billy) and the band was so, so good!
When I was in 4th grade, me, mom & dad drove Rosalie to college and I seriously cried the whole 4 hour drive back home...I think I said my nose hurt.  It wasn't much easier driving back to Denver after such a fun week, except now I don't have to give a lame excuse to you all.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Dear Beth

After reading this post, I told Beth I wanted to keep that trend going, but Karley decided to break her month long blogging absence to beat me to it!
Oliver doesn't have long enough legs, so I had to help him, but the thought is still there.

Feel Better Beth!