Sunday, May 6, 2012

Nicole, her little guy & I went to the Horseshoe Craft Fair and Flea Market on Saturday.  There was a lot of cute vintage things, but nothing that I just had to have (that I couldn't find on the farm of Bob Olson)!
I just love spending time with these two.

I also love spending time with these two!  This was from our new weekly happy hour.  Kari missed our trip to Pinche's last week, and we wouldn't stop talking about it, so we went back this week.

I had a major kitchen drain problem this morning, which resulted in my kitchen and everything in it being totally soaked.  Dad gave me a plumbing 101 lesson, but I think this is a bigger problem than I can manage. Anyway, I was all kinds of crabby and then I start to skype with this girl - I can't even...She started playing with her hair and I said it looked like she had a toupée, and it went downhill from there. I want to frame that 2nd photo and look at it every single day. I can't not laugh uncontrollably!

And lastly, a little video to leave you with - I saw it on tumblr this week & have watched it probably ten times since then! Oh, Arthur!

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