Thursday, May 3, 2012

Last Week!

Loren, Adam & I ran the Cherry Creek Sneak again this year. Lindsay & I had the best tacos + margaritas ever at Pinche Tacos - so so so good! And the other two are, of course, Oliver, hard at work.

And last week, I saw my dear, sweet S10 Chevy pickup - or at least it's premium cousin in Colorado.  I miss that little thing!

I was stopped behind this car at a stoplight and the first thing I wondered was if the man was buying trees for his future in-laws.  Of course that thought came from my best friend Karley's wedding and Robby buying crabapple trees for the Balgaard family.

I'll end with the saddest news of the year! My good friend and the only person who can make me physically ill by being so funny, Emily, is moving to New Jersey with her beautiful little family!  That was so hard to type!
We had one last night of home-cooked supper and bad television at Emily's house.
It could've been a really sad night with a lot of weeping, but Natalia kept us laughing and laughing with Mad Libs.  I'll miss you way too much Emily!!

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