Monday, May 28, 2012


Everytime we go to the dog park, people stop me and ask what kind of dog Oliver is, and I usually have a different answer each time.  On Saturday, a lady was so obsessed with him & said her sister had an identical dog. She was so upset she didn't have a camera, so I offered to text her a few pictures of Oliver and she, in return, sent me pictures of her sister's dog (above..Oli's in the middle for reference, because you obviously don't know what he looks like if you read this blog :). That dog is half dachshund, half bulldog.  Their body shape is pretty spot on! Maybe I'll start telling people that's what he is. . .

This is our trip to the dog park this morning...Can you tell by Oli's face that it's before 6:00 a.m.?


  1. Hahahahah - this might be my new fav pix of you two! I feel your pain, Oli.

  2. Oliver is totally more bulldog than dachshund... actually I have no idea but I like the thought that he is more characteristically a bulldog!