Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lil Katherine

Hi!! I have so many photos from the weekend that I'm trying to get organized into an awesome post, but until then, here's some adorableness to hold you over.
I blogged about the doll I made Katherine for her birthday here. I wrapped it up, along with some finger puppets from Ikea.  When I was getting things for Roey's shower at the dollar store, I found a little finger puppet stage & snagged that up as well.
I thought Katherine would like the doll, but probably put it on a shelf and forget about it, but she fell in love and I melted (and wished I would've sewed her a little better).  She got Little Katherine (named by Katherine of course) a little "necklace" (bracelet) and we went to Children's Place so Roey could look for potential birthday gifts for Katherine and Katherine asked the lady where Little Katherine could get a dress.  We had to try newborn dresses on Little Katherine - they were a little too big!
Little Katherine wore the finger puppets and even got to play at the park.  Katherine got upset when Joey pushed Little Katherine too high on the swings, because she didn't want her to get hurt.
Then, I logged on to Facebook yesterday and saw this post from Jamie.  I probably should just quit making things, because nothing will compare to Little Katherine.

The finger puppets were a hit too! Katherine is explaining a scenario in which the "wrong bride is marrying the wrong groom." Then, Jamie posted this, which basically is the same thing.
I just love this little girl too much!

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  1. Only Mary would find a finger puppet stage at the dollar store.. haha! Love the post... you sure are a fun aunt!